PSN Code Generator v5 - Playstation Network - Free Code - 2012

Update - PSN Code generator is still working after Sony shutdown PSN and updated thair secutity measures (2012)
The playstation Network or PSN is an exciting addition to the gaming world . You no loger have to play games on your PC to interact with other games and you no loger have zo setting for playing your Play Station 3 or PlayStation Portable alone. Now you can interact with a rich online community and play your favorite games with others whu are just as passionate about gaming as you are . PSN code are like virtual money that you can to purcashe game content and upgrades . One thing money games are looking for is a legite PSN code generator. They are hoping to find a way to get Free PSN codes on demand whenever they want them.

We have finally ported the generator over to our v5 code. The download like has been updated , v4 is no loger available (even thugh is still works). You can see screenshots or the new version below:
Click download link to start download
Instructions for using PSN Code Generator
1. Run the PSN Network Generator. Select the Amount you want to generate ($10,$20,$50)
2.HIt Generate and wait the for mark.
3.Copy and redeem the card code on the PSN
4.Enjoy and share with your friends.
How to Download
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